VoIP Services can save you a lot of money on your businesses phone service.

Installing or switching to a Voice over IP based phone system can be a daunting process. Should you install a premise-based server?  Go with a hosted solution?  Which phones should be used?  What features are needed?  GO Consulting makes the entire process easy and seamless!

Why Choose VoIP?

VoIP phone systems provide businesses with a solution that empowers them with more features to run their business, all while helping them SAVE MONEY. A VoIP system only requires a broadband connection to operate. This minimal requirement allows you to save on both operation costs and communications costs. You can also save on intercompany callslong distance calling, and by opting to go paperless with virtual faxing.

For the majority of businesses, VoIP phone systems have become the go to solution for their telecom needs. The cost, features, and accessibility of VoIP makes it incredibly attractive to any growing business.

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